Naughty boy café.

Yesterday was a perfect day! Even though I had fever and didn't feel that well me and Luka went to a place called "The Naughty Boy Café". That place has the best milkshakes of all times. It was my first time there but people have been talking about it and everyone says that it is a must-thing-to-do in Melbourne. And so it was. I have never ever seen so big and overkill milkshakes in my whole life, haha!

After the milkshake adventure we went to the city to buy a new shirt to me. We had a really nice and cozy day in the city and the weather was really nice for being Melbourne winter. We came home pretty late and I met Isabella for dinner at "Grill'd" and oh, what a place! They have the best burgers of all times, haha! It was super cozy to see her again cause it was a while ago. Then she stayed over here at mine before she and Luka went for breakfast this morning. I was supposed to go but my fever is getting worse and I've been coughing the whole night trough. I'm actually getting really, really sick and that was not in my life plan right now. Haha. So today I'm just gonna drink tea, eat ice cream and sleep. 


1 Veronica Wallgren:

Åh jisses vad gott det såg ut :)

Svar: Eller hur!! Dom var fantastiska måste jag säga!!

2 Linnea Aurora:

Men åh ser SÅ gott ut!

Svar: Det var det verkligen!!! Helt galet!! Aldrig sett så fantastiska milkshakes!! haha!!
Felicia Elin Ida

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