This is how you can spend your day off if you live in Tenerife. 
Life is incredible when you have a job you like going to and when you can do stuff like this when you are not working. Surfing, snorkeling, climbing, drinking wine. There's lots of upsides to living here and I love it.


Early bird.

Early mornings. How I adore them. When no one else is awake and the world is so quiet. I love it because I can breathe. I can be. I can think. I get inspired. It is a bit chilly but perfect for a walk with a cozy knitted jumper on. The sunrise is beautiful and a new day is just starting. A day with life. A chance to change yesterday. To make today special. That is what I like about early mornings. And I want to be there. All by myself. Brain, stop it. Let me just be for a moment. It is too much and I can't put anything in place. Good night. And I am hoping for a perfect sunrise and new life tomorrow.