Hello everyone! I hope all of you are good no matter where you are in the world right now! 
We are in Tenerife right now. Both me and Simon has started to work which feels super awesome. We also have an apartment that both of us really like. We have a balcony and there is also a pool and a bar there. It feels like luxury compared to all the hostels and places we have stayed at before. In life right now we have just tried to sort all these things out and most of the things are fixed now. We also tried to have some vacation before we started to work but that didn't go too well since we had so many things to sort out. I have anyway also seen my parents a few times cause they are here on vacation for 4 weeks! So awesome to have them here!
In my life right now anyway I have gotten addicted to podcasts. There is nothing else I want to do then to listen to all my podcasts, haha. Might seem boring but it is definetly not. Especially not while walking along the beach and feel the sun on my body at the same time, life life. 
Anyway, what I wanted to say about this is that we are having a good time, things are getting sorted and we are enjoying every day as much as we can! Tenerife, thanks for inviting us.

Sjukhus i Italien.

Sist jag skrev så berättade jag att jag hade mått lite konstigt ett tag och har undrat vad det berott på. Har inte direkt haft tid att tänka på det dock så jag har försökt att ignorera illamåendet en del, hehe. Och som vi alla vet så är det alltid dumt att ignorera när man tror att man är sjuk, iallafall om man heter Felicia. 
Vi hade en väldigt fin dag i Venedig igår, som jag kommer att skriva om senare och lägga upp bilder från, men när vi hade varit där nästan hela dagen så kände jag mig verkligen inte bra. Mådde illa, hade ont i ryggen och var på riktigt kritvit i ansiktet. Vi tog oss hem med tåget efter många om och men och åkte till sjukhuset för att se vad som var fel. Efter återigen många om och men, och väntetider, så fick vi reda på att jag har fått njursten och njurkolik (tror jag att det heter på svenska). Jag fick massvis med medicin och bra hjälp på sjukhuset. Ingen kunde dock prata engelska så Simon har fått översätta allting från engelska till italienska och tvärtom så att jag kunde kommunicera med läkarna. Nu mår jag lite bättre dock, vi vet vad som är fel och jag får vara hemma och vila mig, skönt! 

Det är ju inte första gången jag är på sjukhuset i ett främmande land så jag har börjat vänja mig, haha. 
Här är jag - när jag var som snyggast, hahah. 


Italy 2.

Today here in Italy hasn't been filled with too much adventures. Since the day before I left Sweden I have been feeling sick and nauseous. It is a shame it had to be right now since I am here for the first time and seeing Simons friends and family. I would obviosly love to see everyone as much as possible but sometimes that's not possible. We go for lunch to his mums place though, and usually dinner at his grandparents house. And we mostly stay to sleep at his friends place, so even though I don't feel too well I can see everyone almost every day. 
Today has been such a lazy day. We have only been to the store and basically that is all we have done. Simon is out now to sort some stuff out while I am in the house - editing pictures and sorting all my files out on the desk. In a while we'll go to have tasty food at his grandparents house and then off to see his uncle (I think). I hopefully feel better tomorrow and then we'll go around to take some more photos of the lake and the mountains and probably going out for lunch - wihooo!

Silly picture of me and the mountains.
And the place where we stay most days.