Hello guys! 

So I cook food maybe twice every year. I wish I did it much more often and that I would actually be interested in it. But I am not. Like if I am at home by myself, I rather eat nothing or an apple instead of cooking food. Today though, was one of those day where I really felt like cooking something really tasty. Also when I cook food the only things I like to cook is vegetarian food since I am finding no interest in cooking meat. So I googled around a bit and found some different nice stuff but I ended up cooking this DELICIOUS asian noodle/vegetable/soy/ginger/curry mix. Like I was so suprised it could come out so freaking tasty! And I actually got some energy and more interest in learning how to cook more stuff so maybe this was the start on a new chapter in my life (?). We will see how this will develop I guess.
I'll put some pictures here so you can also see this delicious meal.


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