Blue spoon.

I find people everywhere. People who are from different places, different families. People who are doing different things with their lives. Different to eachother and different to me. But still similar. 

Blue spoon. Hey. I don't think you're reading my blog, but anyway. You are something. Something that I could never define or put a label on, no matter how much I would want to. (which I don't). And the things we talk about are beyond all the levels of what you normally do talk about with people that you don't know that well. But probably I do know you more than you think. And there's so many things going on in your life. And I do understand that it can be hard to think positive about it. Or that it can be hard to have hopes about something when life always let you down anyway. And I can't promise you that everything will be better this time. But I can give you my word that you'll see it with different eyes this time.

But who am I to talk about this.

I am me, btw.

Oh, I miss me. Don't you, me? 

That was a good night. It was nice to share words and thoughts. Spirit and warmth. And glitter. Sharing is caring, as we say. And I do care about you. As I've already said. And which I probably don't have to say, cause I think that I've made it quite clear. But I guess it's better to say it once or twice to much, than once or twice to little. 

So, blue spoon. Tell me, or tell me not, who are you. What made you into what you are. And why. How. When. All the time? Sometimes? A little bit all the time? Everything at once? Where? Who?

And one thing that I wonder is how you choose your people. And what kind of people are your people. Your friends. What do you look for in a person and how do you know if it's good or not? -Cause I know exactly how I choose, and why I do it the way I do. And I could explain that anytime, any day. (Even though I won't, of course). But I hope that you will, one day. And I can't find a reason why not. 
And another thing about you. You sleep so much. Why do you need so much sleep? Which I guess that you don't. Maybe it's a way for you to get away, escape. Although you probably don't know what you're escaping from. Or why. But I do like you, anyway. And I do hate you, a lot. Which is fine. Anyway, I'm looking forward to see you again. And I kind of like that we're so far away. Cause it makes everything more fun, does'nt it? Cause what do people always want? -Yes exaclty. You know the answer of that one.
I recon it's time for me to sleep now, cause I've been awake all night. I have a feeling that I will dream a lot tonight, or today, I mean. But who knows. We'll see. I day dream all the time though. About everything. When I walk down the street, or when I'm on the train or tram, I can see someone and imagine how that person would look if hen would talk to someone. And what the person would say and then I would reflect about why the person would answer questions in a certain way. Cause yeah, that's kind of what I do. 
And I only snap out from the day dreaming when the person does something that I did'nt imagine. Or if the person starts to talk and the voice is'nt as I imagined it. Or that the person looks different when hen is talking. Or something else that's different from what I imagined. And the most interesting part of the day dreaming is when the person does'nt do anything else than what I imagined, and the person turns into the "role" that I made up in my head. That's the most interesting part, I recon.
Anyway, good night, everyone who made it this far.