Cathedral cove.

So we moved out from that horrible apartment we used to live in and ended up in the best place of all times. We have finally been able to sleep for real, which we haven't done for more than two months. It is really quiet and the vibes in this house are just incredible. If I could I would stay here for much longer, but unfortunetly it will only be for a week.
But the girl that we live with, Elouise, and her daughter, Ava, asked if we wanted to go to Coromandel on our day off from work, which we of course wanted to! So we had a whole day in the car and on the beach with them which was amazing! The weather was so nice, we had lots of snacks and a cozy roadtrip to one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. And with so good company too! Life is just so beautiful right now and so many adventures are ahead. Thank you girls (and Simon) for the lovely day on saturday, and thanks for the hospitality to Elouise and the cute cats here!