Goodbye and hello.

Goodbye, my people. See you later. And hello, my people. How lucky we are right now.
I have settled down in my new little town now. Everything is still a bit messy but I guess that is how it is supposed to be. The first week has been really good. I'm glad to be back to where the sun is shining. Guitars and surfboards. Early mornings and sunsets. People. Oh, all these people. So interesting. I am back to where I am supposed to be now. This is what I should do. Melbourne was amazing. I met some of my best friends there and I had things to do all the time, every day. But now, me and my backpack. On a hostel. Where people come and go all the time. I can sit and read my book, meditate and do my exercise. I can be okay with not being everywhere all the time. Be okay with just be in my own world for bit. To breathe. To live. Here and now. Challenges. I like you, challenges.
Some of the beautiful people I've met.