Lots of love.

Sooo, I’ve had some super busy days. There has been a lot of work and other stuff. Basically all my days has been filled with stuff to do and I’ve been driving around everywhere. I’ve listed everything in my calendar because without it I would never remember what thing and what time I’d be supposed to do anything. 

I had a super nice day on Sunday at a spa by the coast. We were eating nice food, hanging out in the saunas and all the pools. We also went for a freezing swim in the ocean before we ran back into the sauna again. It was anyway really needed in my life right now.

And then I’ve had two busy days in the rain. I’ve been freezing so much and I have realised how much I actually hate the rain. At least here in Sweden now since it is insanely cold outside also. 

I’ve had a photoshoot, I fixed my dreads, was hanging out with my parents, went for walks, helped my mum to fix her nails, packing stuff for moving and a lot of other things too.

I was working yesterday but realised in the morning I had a really bad cold. It was up and down with that during the day but the night was filled with feber and coughing. Euwh. So I’ve been staying home from work today and have been taken a rest. It is lovely weather outside so I’d rather be outside now but it is probably freezing anyway, haha.

Today is exactly one week left until the next adventure, which starts in Italy and then off to Spain. I can’t wait!! But time passes by so fast, I can’t keep up. Lots of love, I hope you are all well.