Thinking out loud.

The most of my toughts are stuck in here. Almost every word and sentence are saved in drafts and that's were they belong. I think it would be fun to let you guys read it sometime. To let you read what's in my mind and how I write it down. What's the result of my work. 

But we'll save that to another time. 

My mind is somewhere else now. It's not really here with me. I have so much to think about. Some really sad, and some really beautiful. 

I'll try to keep my mind and toughts to the beautiful things. But I miss him. And i'm so sad that he's not here with us anymore. This world is so unfair. So fucking unfair. 
But he knows that my mind is with him, and that he's in my heart. Forever. 

Now I will have a really good evening with my darling. He will study the rest of this day, but I enjoy just to look at him and his lovely smile. 

Here he is. The love of my life.