Where I belong.

I have a dreamcatcher hanging on my wall. I have two elephants standing in different spots in my room. I have an autograph from someone who have changed my life. I have a lot of candles and also pictures of my dandelions. I have one book which I can't read loads of at a time. I have to read maybe one page and then wait a few days. I have two guitars, one hanging on the wall and the other one standing on the floor. I have a red box with dreadbeads in it. I have one bedspread with Bob Marley on it and also a mirror with a picture of Bob. I have 8 awards from exhibitions with my dog. I have one keyboard and something that's almost a piano. 

I like my room. This is where I can relax and paint on my own. I can take a deep breath and just feel my body being relaxed. I can write music and play my guitar with no one judging the result. I can let my creativity circulate in the room. I can close my eyes and just think about what life has been giving me since last. Also I can reflect about what I have been giving to life. I love to lay down on the woodenfloor and just let the coldness touch my body. This is where I can relax and this is where I really like to be. I feel comfortable in the middle of dreamcatchers, elephants and a lot of candles lighten up the little space.