Thank you for being the best neighbor.

I'm eating breakfast at Lentils with my beloved one. She is so amazing. Thank you for being a part of my life. I know I'm leaving soon but maybe we'll see each other again, somewhere. And if not - it's been a pleasure to know you. Keep up with the good work, enjoy the summer and don't worry to much about what's gonna happen afterwards. You'll see the sun soon, and your family. I bet they miss you as much as you miss them right now. But I'll miss to have you as my neighbor. It's the small things that matters - you know. Just small things as seeing each other in the kitchen at lunch time. Or to get home and see your door open, to say hi and have a chat about god knows what. To be angry at our landlords together, and to laugh about our ridiculous texts about how life is shit. I'm sorry for all the times you've had to stand out with my taste of music and for the times we exercised together and I forced you to not give up on those push ups. Thank you for the times we've eaten at dominos togheter and for our breakfast at lentils. That was such a great day, seriosly. I will always have that morning in my mind. And it's wierd cause it wasn't really anything special, just a morning where we ate breakfast together. But still so "värdefull." (You can google translate that word, I just really wanted to use it cause it's such a beautiful word). And I'm gonna miss the times when we did cardio together. Or when I was sick and helped you to exercise even though I just sat on the bed eating ice cream. Or the day we missed each other and it felt empty cause we didn't talk, even though we both were home but in different rooms. You know. All these small things. But not small things for us. Thank you for being the best neighbor, and the best friend you could possibly be. You are so amazing. And I am so glad that I met you. And thank you for letting me live with you when I didn't have a home anymore. It was super cozy. And for taking care of me when I was sick. For helping me to cook food and for going with me to coles when I was super tired and didn't have energy for anything. Thank you for all the smiles and all the laughing. I wish you all the luck in the world. That you find something you really want to study and that you'll have the best people in your life. That your friends will take care of you as much as you have taken care of me. And that you will have something to smile for every day, even during the bad days. That you'll always see something positive with everything and that nothing can let you down. Promise me that you will never let anyone else let you down. You are the perfect you as long as you are what you want to be, and don't ever let anyone get in the way of that.