Hello you guys!
I've got some questions about some life-updates so hereeeee they are. I had the best start of year 2018. Millan decided to come here to visit us for a week and we had such an amazing time! She lived in our apartment with us and I only worked three days that week so we had lots of time to spend together. I have missed her so much and it was definetly awesome to have her here with me for a while. We had nice walks in the morning, spent time by the beach and by the pool, hiked up a mountain and lots of other stuff. I love her so much and am so happy she came here to see me! Love love love.
Otherwise life is totally fine. We like it here in our apartment and both me and Simon are working quite a bit. I have started a journey of eating healthier and better to improve and feel better, both outside and inside. I can really feel the difference when I've had my "cheating" days where I've eaten fast food or lots of sugar. My body and my mind gets so tired and fuzzy. The good days always starts with a healthy smoothie of some kind, then followed by some vegan/vegetarian food and some fruit snacks in between. Yoga is included in my everyday life now and that is also something that makes me feel better. But enough talk about food and exersice. 

I have connected with some old friends of mine. Some of them have contacted me, and I've contacted some of them. It feels like old friendship might come back to life and that is an incredible feeling. I am also truly happy to be surronded by palmtrees and to be close to the ocean. Oh, how I love the feeling and the air I can breathe here. It feels easier in some ways, to breathe while close to the sea. 

I went to see the sunset before and am so happy I did. I don't have more time to write though but if you made it this far I am wishing you a good rest tonight, and a good day tomorrow. Goodnight, and lots of love.
Some awesome artwork here in Tenerife!