More than one year.

So, it has been more than one year since I was here. I was on my way to something new and thinking back on that - it feels like it was forever ago.
I never wrote about what I was going to do, but we moved to Sri Lanka for 3 months. I took photos for a surfcamp and Simon was out in the waves surfing every single day. Amanda was there and we could finally connect again after all this time apart.
I have been back in Sweden for what feels like forever now, and I want nothing else than to go somewhere else. Not only because of the situation in the world, but because our big dream has been put on hold for now. I am trying to understand that - and I will accept it. I also of course understand why it is this way and that everyone in the world has to do their part in this situation. Covid-19 might have come here to teach us all a lesson. But I am deeply sorry for the victims of this virus. 

I might check back in here again in a while. Maybe not. I am writing a lot but nothing ever gets published anymore. Maybe it is a thing of growing up. You get more scared of showing feelings openly, and maybe it is easier to be judged while 24, than by 18 years old. Little do I know, and am I the one to really care about what others think? -I might have to think about that for a while.
I wish you all a lovely day, and take care of yourself and everyone that you love.