La Gomera

For Simons birthday, last monday, we decided to join my parents and my sister on a roadtrip to La Gomera island. We thought it was gonna be this touristy trip on a big bus with lots of people, but we ended up in a minibus with only one other italian woman and the driver/guide. It is a really small island but still such a cool place! Steffi (the guide) was super cool and easy, with lots of knowledge about the place. We could also just ask her to stop along the way to take photos on the different viewpoints which we never would have been able to do on one of these big tour buses! It was honestly so cool to go there and we are all happy with the roadtrip! We also stopped on a restaurant in the mountains to have some really good vegetarian soup and goat cheese, and some of us drank wine that they had produced right there. I would recommend Steffi as a guide to everyone so if you're going on any trips here in Tenerife, let me know and I'll give you her contact number! And I am looking forward to the next trip with her.
I got some really nice pictures to show you guys!


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