Sing with John.

I've been home from work since sunday.
I am sick and i'm getting really tired of staying home now. Hopefully I will get better until friday and then I am back at work. I miss it really much actually. But until then, I am going to drink tea and just sleep. And I have been studying driving licens theory, and I think I am starting to learn something.
Also, I have been writing a list of "to do" things:
Buy train tickets to Arvika.
Call mediamarkt about my computer.
Study driving licens theory.
Look for makeup artist jobs.
Write more.
Take more photos.
Cook food.
Do smoothies.
Write letters.
Sing with John.
Here's a few things that I have to, and want to do in the near future. At first I just have to get well and then I'll be back on track! 


1 Elin:

Åh, vilka härliga bilder! Och lycka till med körkortet :)

Svar: Tack! Och tack igen! Förövrigt sÅ tar du underbara bilder!

2 Mikaela:

Riktigt fina bilder :)

Svar: Tack så mycket!:>

3 Ida - foto & häst:

men så fina bilder!! :'D älskar ljuset!

Svar: Åh, tack!!

4 Sandra Lundin:

Såå härliga bilder!

Svar: Tack!! Vad glad jag blir!

5 Johan:

Snygga bilder.

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