Alright, so we have to talk about the beautiful country I am in right now. ITALY. Wow. 
So there is this one place in Italy called "lake garda". It is a beautiful lake surronded by mountains. Today me and Simon took the rental car to go around the lake and see the places around. AND WOW. It was better than expected. There are these tiny little roads where you can barely just fit one car at a time, and you are totally surronded by the mountains. We where lucky with the weather since it has been raining for a few days but today was sunny and cozy. We also had food and drinks on the ONLY place open, with the most beautiful view of the lake and mountains. Gaah. I don't think I can get enough of all the beauty this place can give. Thank you Italy for today and I am looking forward to all the other days. 
Here is some pictures from todays adventure!


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