Italy 2.

Today here in Italy hasn't been filled with too much adventures. Since the day before I left Sweden I have been feeling sick and nauseous. It is a shame it had to be right now since I am here for the first time and seeing Simons friends and family. I would obviosly love to see everyone as much as possible but sometimes that's not possible. We go for lunch to his mums place though, and usually dinner at his grandparents house. And we mostly stay to sleep at his friends place, so even though I don't feel too well I can see everyone almost every day. 
Today has been such a lazy day. We have only been to the store and basically that is all we have done. Simon is out now to sort some stuff out while I am in the house - editing pictures and sorting all my files out on the desk. In a while we'll go to have tasty food at his grandparents house and then off to see his uncle (I think). I hopefully feel better tomorrow and then we'll go around to take some more photos of the lake and the mountains and probably going out for lunch - wihooo!

Silly picture of me and the mountains.
And the place where we stay most days. 

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