Sweden is treating me well.

Sweden is treating me so well. I have had a break from social media since I am only on it one day a week. It is such a good feeling to not feel so addicted anymore. I used to scroll trough my facebook and instagram every morning for like 15 minutes, looking at nothing, really. Just ads, pictures and other stuff I did not really care about. I thought it was so annoying but I was still so addicted to it that I did it everyday anyway. Now though, for the last maybe 7 weeks, I've only been on social media on tuesdays, so that is my kind of 'social media day'. This has resultated in less time spent on there, and that everytime I am on it I only search for the people I really care about, seeing what they've posted and written since last. I'm not like scrolling through instagram 500 times that day and updating every 3rd minute, like I used to. And this is such an amazing feeling!

I have also started both writing and taking more photos again. I really love to bring my camera everywhere and my inspiration is back. Since I bought my new computer, got some photoshoot jobs and started making my own wedpage I feel like the inspiration came back. I am also almost done with my studies, only like a month to go, and I can't wait until it is over so I will have more spare time for photos and editing.
I have also changed my food habits a lot. I have stopped to eat bread EVERY morning, and started to eat youghurt with berries and nuts instead, super tasty and healthy! It makes me stay full for longer than what bread used to do and I don't have stomachache anymore. I work long days at work, so good food is really a must. My working hours are from 7am until 9 pm, which is 14 hours, so good food is really imortant. When I get home from work I always go for a jog or doing some exercise at home, situps, pushups, squats and so on. I have a goal with my workout now and I am only about a week in to it, but I can't wait to see some results!
Okay, I need to get back to life now. I hope you guys are having a good time and let me know if you want to book a photoshoot, or just go for coffee or whatever. Lots of love.
Photography: Me
Models: Linn & Tobias

From a cozy night by the lake just next to where I live.

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