I don't know how I feel about leaving this queensize bed soon. This is the best place I could possibly think about falling asleep at now, and the best possible place to wake up. I have a really nice farmjob to go to in the morning and really good food to eat for dinner every evening. Lots of hugs and cuddles. Movies and popcorn. Being silly and moody, all in one. Trying to be more silly than moody. It's getting better. I wonder what's going to happen next. Where we are going to and where we end up staying. What places we'll travel to and who we will meet. What food we will eat and when we will say goodbye. Maybe sooner than later. So many goodbyes. More hello's now. Important ones. The ones that really, really matters. Hello, Amanda. Where are we going?

En månad kvar nu. Tiden går fort. Fortare än fortast. Jag hinner inte med. Det känns som om livet springer med mina fötter men jag hjälper inte till. Det är nog så det ska vara. Lev, lev, lev. För allt du kan. Livet är nu.
Eller hur, Simon?

I can't focus anymore. Too much distractions. I'm out. Godnatt

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