Leave tonight or live and die this way.

So we did. Leave. It was in the middle of the night and we decided to go camping. That's one of the things called freedom. We went to The grampians and we drove The great ocean road. We camped by some lakes and he made me the best breakfast/lunch/dinner. So many smiles. Ice cold ocean. Tasty ice cream. Warm sun. Lovely rain. Way too much fog while driving. And 4 days camping in the van. That's a life I could live. Either alone or with the right people. This person is a keeper. I mean, that pepper-onion-garlic-tuna wrap was awesome, can't miss out on that one. The only bad thing about this person is the disgusting green vitamin juice he drinks in the morning. And if that's the worst thing - I guess he's okay. Thanks for this. And as you said - we got nothing but time now.





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Gud vilken vacker plats :D)

Svar: Ja, men eller hur!! Så himla mycket fina ställen i Australien <3

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