Hitchhike and roadtrip down the east coast, Australia.

Hi everyone. How ya goin'?
So I thought I should tell you a bit about what we've been doing for the last two months. 
We started our travelling in Cairns. 
We booked a hostel to sleep at the first night. We checked out the streets in Cairns and looked at the "beach". (Which was really not a beach). The rest of the day we just chilled by the lagoon, enjoyed the sun and the hot pool. We decided to go to the free pizza and drink night, so we did. I exchange shots to kisses. And she is dancing all night. We spent the whole night at the beach, and we slept in the most fancy room. The second night we decided to couchsurf again. And that is what we do for the rest of the time in Cairns. Luke takes us to the Palm tree cave and we ate tasty coconuts on this lovely market in Port Douglas. And then we went to a lovely waterfall. 

And now the hitchhiking begins.
So we hitchhiked from Cairns to Airlie Beach in one day. We had a little stop in Townwille, also called Brownswille. I don't blame that name. It took us about 4 hours with each person to get to Airlie Beach. And I can't even explain how happy we were when we came to Airlie Beach. Mostly cause it was in the beginning of our new adventure. But also because of all the awesome people we'd met on the way. And when I say that I can't explain how happy we were when we got out from the car I really do mean it. We layed down on the grass, laughing and then dancing. And we looked like this:
But we had nothing booked for the night and it was quite late. So we found a hostel that we could sleep at. But poor as we are we try to travel as cheap as possible, and the hostel was a bit too expensive for us. And all of a sudden these two guys appears and they have a campervan. So that was our home for the night. It was so amazing to sleep in the top of the campervan. And to wake up with the sun in my eyes, and ready for a new beautiful day.
We just stayed one night in Airlie Beach. Probably cause we were a bit stressed about not coming back to Melbourne in time. So we spent the next day in Airlie Beach too. We went to the lagoon and met the first swedish people on the trip. And thank you for the blanket, guys. Appreciated.
And the next night was indescribable. 
We hitchhiked from Airlie Beach to Mackay. The person that we hitchhiked with dropped us of at a petral station by 8 pm. It was already dark outside and we decided to get something to eat from the service station and then try to sleep for a bit until the morning, cause it's easier to find someone to go with in the morning. 
But there's Natalie. Our savior. So we sleep at her mango-farm. We eat good food and have a nice kingsize bed to sleep in for the night. And we could finally take a shower! And oh, how awesome that was. So we got a good night sleep and a nice breakfast before we started our way to sunshine coast.
Natalie dropped us of at the same petral station as the day before and we waited for like 10 minutes before we got our first lift.
And we hitchhiked with the best people. Three guys from Melbourne. We had a stopover on the way to eat some lunch and icecream. Took us about two hours with them and they dropped us of at another petral station. From there we found our third lift of the day, which was with a truck driver. We had the lift with him all the way to Sunshine coast, which is like 8 hours. We ate some McDonald's on the way and played some ukelele. Oh, good times. (mormor, ta det lugnt, vi har slutat att lifta nu så du behöver inte oroa dig).
He dropped us of in the evening and it was already dark. But lucky as we are we found a person that could drive us to Noosa, which is like a 40 minute drive. And Isabella decided to drive a car. On the wrong side of the road, for us. I kind of freak out in the back seat but I pretend to not care. 
After this freakin' long day we found a hostel to sleep at. A bit to expencive for us so we manage to get free drinks and food paid for us. Maybe cause we are so cute. Or just so confused. Haha. We go out to the club, but we look like 13 so we can't get in. And of course we forgot our passports. So we pretend to be security guards for 2 hours. Probably had more fun outside the club than we would have inside.
So, first day in Noosa:
"Hey, where is the beach?" We said. Did'nt realize that it would be so meaningful. So we asked this guy for the way to the beach. His name is Rick. He drove us there and cause we, as usual, did'nt have anywhere to sleep that night he let us sleep in his bungaloo. But before that we walked around the national park and ate some pizza. He promised us that we were going to surf with him the next day and I was SO excited for this(!!!!!!!!!)
And here is a note from my iphone that I wrote the next day : "First time I tried to surf today, with Rick. I only tried two times tough, cause it was shitty waves and I got smashed by the fucking surfboard in my ribs. Still hurts as fuck. Gonna try again tomorrow tough."
And I also wrote that Isabella is really good at surfing. And that I feel like a mom when she stands up. 
And we got to meet Rick friends. Rica. She's so amazing. What a girl. What a spirit. 
After a few days I decided to got to the doctors because my ribs were still sore from the little surf accident. Isabella went to the beach with the surfboard and I said "I'll meet you there and we can go for a morning surf after the doctors". I did'nt realize that he would tell me that I had 5 cracks in my ribs. So now I understand why it's so sore. Haha. 
Another place Rick took us to was the hidden beach. And oh, what a beautiful place. And the ying yang painted on the mountain. So we sat there for so many hours, ate good food and I teached Rick how to make dreamcatchers. We only had yarn and sticks tough, but beautiful it was. And I think that's when he decided to move out and to start travel with us. 
One of the best thing about Noosa tough was when me and Isabella woke up early in the mornings cause Rick had to go to work. We borrowed Ricks and Ricas surfboards and we were at the beach really early. Maybe like 6.30 am. So it was only us and the other morning-surfers there by that time. 
Anyway, another day passes by and we have a sushi-thursday at the reaggea-sushi place.
And guess what? Rick decides to quit his job, sell all his things and to move out from his apartment. And I'm not even kidding. He wanted to travel with us, and his job was shit anyway. So me and Isabella seriosly helps him to clean his apartment and get rid of all his things. We also cleaned the car cause that was supposed to be our home for the next 4-5 weeks. 
So after almost two weeks in Noosa we upgraded to roadtrip. First stop on the way was Brisbane. Brisbane gave us thunderstorm and rain. And I did'nt really like that city of what I saw. But I think that I could like that city tough. And we only spent one day there, so who am I to say anything about that place? Maybe I should go there with Dean, cause he loves the place and could propably show me what to see there. 
Next stop after that was the Gold coast. Surfers paradise. We celebrated Ricks birthday there. We went to a pub and he had a beer and me and Isabella got drunk of one glass of wine each. And I'm not even kidding. Probably cause we did'nt eat anything that day, and cause it had been so warm. And then we decided to cook some food on one of the free bqq:s. It was an interesting moment of our lives. 
Next stop: Byron bay.
And oh, I love that place so much. That's really a place for me. Byron has lots of beautiful beaches and good surf. I did'nt try to surf tough, but Rick did. And some of the time when we were in byron it was raining. And that's still my favorite place of the whole east coast. 
One thing that we did'nt like about it tough was that it was SO freakin' hard to camp somewhere if you had a car. We did'nt want to pay like 30 dollars for having a camping spot, which you kind of have to do if you want to camp in byron bay. They have signs everywhere that says "no camping".
So yeah, no camping, no fun. But we had fun anyway.
Next stop: Nimbin.
Nimbin is such a wierd place. For those who have been in Christiania in Denmark knows what I am talking about. It's kind of the same thing. At least the same feeling. It was cool to see it tough. But I wish that we went there on a sunday cause they have these cool sunday-markets what we've heard about. So heads up: If you're going to nimbin, do it on a sunday.
We walked down the streets a couple of times tough. And tried some dandelion-tea on a little café. 
Next stop: Ballina.
We ate some fish and chips and paid for a tiny burger that we did'nt want. Haha. But oh, it was so tasty.
Next stop: Coffs harbour.
We did'nt do much on these places but we saw so many beautiful views here. All the lighthouses, lookouts and other things. 
Next stop: Port Macquarie.
Port Macquarie was so beautiful. I really loved that place. And we could camp by the beach. And we saw the most beautiful beach where people had painted on all the rocks and oh, it was so beautiful. And the beach was full with SO many shells. And I'm not kidding when I say that i've never seen so many shells that beautiful ever before. I could be bothered to go back there one day.
Next stop: Sydney.
And this was really what we needed in life at this time. And FINALLY I COULD MEET ADDE!!! I've missed him so much!!!!! And finally we could sleep somewhere else than in the car for a few days. (not that it was something wrong with the car). And this was also the first day we slept longer than to like 5 am. 
Adde and his friend showed us around Sydney. We walked for so many hours and I loved it. And then we ate at this awesome place. Johan is working there but I don't remember the name of the place. Anyway, you just pick as much food as you want in a box. And the food was like couscous, beetroot and other awesome things. And Isabella were drinking from a coconut. Mmmmmh. Tasty. 
We also went to Bondi beach to meet Isabellas friend. We had a good day at the beach day. And oh, we just walked so much. And the Håkan-event got cancelled so we spent the evening at Isabellas friends house. 
And then Adde and Johan invited us to this swedish event. Loads of swedes got toghether and played this Swedish game: hitball. So we spent the day with I don't know how many swedes. And Rick was the only one for somewhere else. So they just called him "the australian guy". haha. But that was a really good day. And we were so sad for leaving Sydney. When we were back in the car on our way to the new place we all got so emotional and we couldn't do other than to laugh about it. 
Next stop: Wollongong.
We ate some coconut cookies and the best crisps ever on the way. And this was the first time we travelled at night. We liked to travel when it was dark, even tough you did'nt got to see as much. Anyway, we left wollongong as soon as possible. It was cops everywhere and we tought that we heard gunshots. So we drove a bit longer and camped between Wollongong and Shelly harbour instead.
I don't even know where the next stops was cause I did'nt feel well these days. So Isabella and Rick stopped at a few places without me cause I was just sleeping in the car. But they said that they saw this beautiful little town that they both liked a lot. But the next place I know about, and that I saw was Kiama, Jerves bay.
Next stop: Kiama, Jerves bay.
And oh, I do love Jerves bay. It has the whitest beach. It was seriosly SO beautiful. And it was easy to find peace there. Everyone just go there to relax on the beach, and to enjoy the sun. So we all did. And on the way from Jerves bay we were cooking food on one of these outside-bbq's again. Potatoes and some vegetables I think. And from nowhere this guy appears and asked us if we wanted a bag of prawns. So he just gave us a bag of prawns which we cooked on the bbq. I still had no aptite tough, but I ate like 10 of them. And the others really liked them, and it was so sweet of him to give us all of them prawns.
Next stop: The whailing station.
So we took the car to the whailing station. We found huge shells and we saw this old, really cool house. And we also saw a lot of kangaroos. And a Joey!!!!! On the way there we also cooked garlic bread in the engine. Which sounds really wierd and disgusting, I know. I was a bit unsure about the idea but it worked and we ate really good garlic bread, haha. 
Next stop: Lake entrance.
So, we argued about what to eat on the australian bbq but it ended with a lot of food and I have never been so full in my whole life, I guess. 
And on the way from Lake entrance to the next place was so nice. So we saw Ricks old house that he used to live in. We ate the best fish and chips ever and I tried to taste gummy shark, which was actually REALLY tasty. And on the way there Isabella played the harmonica in the back seat and we were listening to Eddie Vedder. And oh, it felt so roadtrippy. 
Next stop: Moe.
So we went to Moe to see Ricks family. They were amazing. We had such a good time at their place. First we ate some lunch with all of them, enjoyed the nice weather and just talked about everything and nothing. Then we went to another house and ate some dinner with some other people from his family. And we were so tired after all the food and cause it was SO warm so we enjoyed sleeping in a kingsize bed in a beautiful house. 
The next day I did'nt feel that well again, so Isabella and Rick went with his cousin so catch some crayfish. And I was just sleeping for a few hours. And by this time we all realized that we only had 1 hour and 25 minutes until we were back in Melbourne. W-H-A-T?????
Yeah, and the next stop was Melbourne.
We repacked our bags and flew to Tasmania. But I will save that story for another day.


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