Asia. Southeast asia. What a place. 
So the first destination of our trip was Vietnam. And what to say about Vietnam. It could be one of the best places i've ever been to. I'm going to write a bit of what we've done so other travellers can get some inspiration and so. (Och till mormor såklart, som jag inte har kunnat prata med på ca 1 månad). 

So, we started in Ho Chi Minh. And oh, what a shock for us, whos never ever been to Asia before.
Our first thoughts:
What is this place?
What are they doing?
Why so many motorbikes?
Do they crash?
What side do they drive on?
What are we doing here?
What is going on?
That's exactly how we felt when we first took the airport bus from the airport to the city. So many thoughts and so many impressions. 
So what did we do on our 9 days in Vietnam?
Our first thoughts was to spend some time in Ho Chi Minh and then go to Hoi An and Danang. That would be almost halfway up in the country. Our friends that have been there before told us that we maybe could make it in 9 days, but that it could be hard with so little time.
So we spent the first day in Ho Chi Minh, we went to a backpacker street that was really nice, but hectic. We ate some food and we decided to go to a travel agency to see if we could go to Hoi an already the next day. We had some things we wanted to do in Ho chi minh but we decided that we could do that in the last days of Vietnam cause we had to go back there anyway to catch our flight to Bangkok. 
While on the agency she tells us that we can take a night-train already the same day. And we were up for that idea! So we have the best 18 hours of our lives. And that is not a joke. 
Then we came to one of my favourite places (which you will hear me say a lot of times in this text). Danang. Danang itself is a pretty boring town, I would say. We did'nt really spend time there but I don't think I would even if I had time. Anyway, in Danang there's this place called "the marble mountains". And oh, what a place. I had been reading about it before we left and I thought it sounded like a really cool place. And it's not often that things turns out being better than the expectaions, but this time: yes. So amazing. I would recommend every single one of you to go there. So the marble mountains is a temple inside the mountains. So first you walk up some stairs and then you'll see the most lovely thing. It's really big and it has a lot of caves and places where you almost have to climb up. It is amazing. Probably one of my favourite places in Vietnam. 
So yeah, as I said, that was the only reason we went to Danang. And directly after the temple we decided to go to Hoi An. And again - another favourite place in Vietnam. Hoi an is known as the "quiet town". Not so much going on, not much partying and so. But they have this amazing night market that it's also really known for. And it was so nice. You can just walk around for hours and look at what the town has to offer. And if your name is Felicia and Isabella you can decide to hitchhike back to the hostel on a motorbike in the middle of the night.... Haha, that was fun. (Mamma och mormor, få ej panik, detta var 3 veckor sedan, och jag mår bra!).
So we spent a couple of days in Hoi an. Just had a chilled time. Ate some nice food. Went to the markets and so. It was really, really nice. 
But then, when we were in Hoi an, which was the most far up in the country we were supposed to go, we get the brilliant idea to go ALL THE WAY UP TO THE NORTH. So we book a night bus to Hanoi, which is up in the north, haha. And then we booked a flight from there to Ho chi minh cause we were catching the flight from there to Bangkok, as i've already mentioned. 
We got the best nightbus ever. So much better than expected. Everyone got their own seats, and it was like a little bed. It was SO nice. So we were really happy with our bus and the trip begun. I slept really good on the bus and we got to Hanoi at like 5 in the morning. Me and Isabella had already decided to go to Ha Long Bay, which is a place that's supposted to be really beautiful. So we waited for two hours so the ticket-place could open. But then we found a local bus from another bus station and decided to go there instead. And THIS. THIS IS REALLY INTERESTING. So we took these motorbike-taxis. Me and Isabella get up on one each cause we have so big backpacks. We tell them where to go and they say that they know where it is. I'm not gonna go on detail with everything that happened during this time hahahaha, but me and Isabella loose eachother. In the middle of Vietnam. And we don't have any simcards so we can't call eachother. Hahahaha. This is a mess. And this went on for like 2 hours or so. And this was probably the most strange thing that happened during the travels. And it was the craziest 2 hours in my life, in a good way, I guess. I ended up at the UN-office. Seriosly. At the UN-office. And Isabella went all around Hanoi, so she probably knows every street there now.
Anyway, after all this we finally made it to Ha Long Bay. And listen now guys - this is a place worth going to. We had a really good time in Ha Long Bay. But as I've said before it's always about the people you meet, and it's the people who makes the place. But one thing you should do while there is to go on this boat tour thing that they have. They have loads of different things and we only did the one 6 hour one. So we went out one day with a boat, did some kayaking, saw some amazing places and just had a really good time. They also have like 2 day trips and that includes going to some of the island and that. Seems pretty amazing. I would've done that if I had time. 
After Ha Long Bay we flew back to Ho Chi Minh. We spent a day there, going to the Cu Chi Tunnels. That was one of the things I knew that I wanted to do while in Vietnam. And it was worth it. And for me, who's really interested about history and war and the stories about it and why it happened, yeah, you understand why I wanted to see it. I would really recommend to go there while in Vietnam.
I think that this basically summarizes what we did in Vietnam. What places we visited and so. And as always, there's so much more to the stories but I've already written too much. 
And I'll write about Thailand and Indonesia another day. Cause my hands are tired after all this writing. 

Two pictures from the Cu Chi Tunnels. This is where they lived during the war. In these tiny little tunnels. It was even really tiny for me, and I am quite tiny. And even though I've been there and seen it, it's just unbelievable. 
 The best train conductor and the best private teacher in Vietnamese. 
 And here's some other photos from Vietnam and all that.


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